Friday, January 19, 2007

WorldWideWealth Top 10

The top 10 ways to make money online

  1. Create your own store- selling products has never been easier with the web the way it is today.
  2. Adsense- There are people making six figures using this little cash cow.
  3. eBay- Making money with ebay has become very popular and is now many e-preneur's full time jobs.
  4. Affiliate programs- Sites like commission junction and click bank have thousands cashing in on selling other guru's products.
  5. Forex Trading- Its bigger than the stock market, and its online.
  6. Building Niche Websites- This is currently one of the hottest ways to attain an income online.
  7. Trading Stocks Online- With the information age coming into play, more and more people are independently trading stocks online in their pajamas.
  8. Social Networking Websites- These are HOT right now. Building a social community has had great success for many, look at and or
  9. Ebooks- Surprisingly many have made a ton of money by selling ebooks. Ebooks are very easy to create and publish, just go to google and type in write an ebook.
  10. Referrals/downline- ah yes the MLM section of this post, i put it last because this is starting to go out of style
Well there you have it , The top 10 ways to earn an extra buck online.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Content Writing Tips

This section is going to explain how to write content that will make your viewers want to read, and return to your website. First of all if you haven’t read my tutorial called “How to create a lucrative blog or site” please do so first, then navigate to this one.

Okay, if your reading this I assume you already know how to create a lucrative blog or site, or have read my tutorial. One of the easiest ways to get great content which I have explained in my previous tutorials, is to just go to a free article website, however you must include someone else’s site or name, now I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my readers leaving my site to go see more of the content they just read. That is why I recommend learning how to write your own valuable content.

~Make sure you have your audience in mind, if you would like to bring certain viewers to your website, imagine you are talking directly to them as you write.

~Easy means of practice is by creating a blog! Blogs are valuable tools for practicing your audience targeting techniques.

~The biggest tip I have for all of you webmasters is to RESEARCH your topic, be an expert on your topic, if your not, I guarantee your viewers will find someone who is.

~Make sure your material has proper grammar, spell check multiple times. Another technique is to have a friend or family member also proofread your work.

~Read articles of the same topic as yours to see how they flow. However make sure you do not plagiarize, if you add specific quotes be sure to site your work.

~Quality over Quantity, you don’t have to write one hundred pages to provide value, if you’ve made your point then there is no need to continue writing.

~Try to keep your content neat and organized, if its hard to navigate and understand your material your viewer will leave immediately.

I hope these tips help, if you have any further questions please leave me a comment saying so. Thank you for reading this tutorial.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How To Write Keywords That Sell

This post will go into detail on how to write keywords that put your site at the top of the pay per click targeted traffic. I also suggest using these strategies when writing "meta tags" for your website, which will also help you climb the top ranks of the web directories. The first step to writing Ad word hungry keywords is to find a niche and exploit it. If your picking keywords that are high priced and are flooding Google's AdWords, your going to pay a hefty price to be number one.

  • Choose Keywords that have not been used before but keywords of the synonyms of those words are high priced and have a high search percentage. I guarantee with time will come the searching of your synonyms of high priced keywords, as long as your high priced keywords are very popular.
-I know many who have used this strategy and within a few months after a few booming websites copying similar keywords, they cashed in at amazing rates.

  • Choose keywords that are one letter off of high priced keywords
-I cannot stress enough how important this strategy is, you'd be surprised how many people never went to high school and learned English, or are just too lazy to realize they typed in japa instead of japan.
    • exploit America's laziness and cash in on spelling errors, a lot of webmasters fail to use spelling errors to put them at the top, however it is a very profitable strategy.
  • Keywords that become flooded and overpriced are not the right keywords.
-Just because Donald Trump has billions and can spend 10 dollars per click if he wanted to, doesn't mean you should follow this model, remember the real winners here find cheap keywords that are searched at a high percentage, hint look up "niche markets".
    • spend time and get proper tools, like overtures max bid tool to find out what the current hot cheap keywords are. Don't just throw a list together and hope it works, spend time in finding the right keywords. As they say in business "time is money!"
  • Some keywords that are searched at a high rate in the U.S are often cheap on other countries servers.
-This is a big one, i know a ton of people who have cashed in with affiliate programs, and had the number one spot on many pay per click services by exploiting other countries with hot keywords.
  • Stay current, if you want to be successful you need up to date lists on current hot keywords, sometimes all it takes is adding a simple word to an unknown keyword phrase.
    • Sometimes its best to invest in keyword programs that have minute by minute keyword rankings, be warned however, many of these programs are fraudulent and require hefty fees. If it looks and sounds too good to be true it is, however you don't want a keyword list that is more than 24 hours old in order to stay current.
-Staying current is a key task, i didn't say writing lucrative keywords was easy.. because it isn't. The best keywords are changing every time someone visits the search bar and types in something to look for, if you think about that, that's millions of different searches a day. Stay on top of what is hot, look for news or widgets that are awaiting launch.

  • There are many resourceful tools built right into the pay per click program you are using, use them, you may get that light bulb above your head by using their simple keyword suggestion tool, i have found very good niche keywords by using Google's keyword tools.
-Note: always take advantage of tools that are provided, you may not find the keywords your looking for, but its always a good start if your thinking blindly about what keywords to use.

  • Use the thesaurus, this book is a great tool for discovering niche keywords. Remember this isn't something you should wing. Put some effort into your keywords and you'll see that it pays to work.
-Books like the thesaurus are an amazing tool to discover keywords, you can even go to the online thesaurus at

These are some simple yet very powerful ways to increase your rankings with pay per click services, as well as increase your click through rate, remember if you have a low click through rate, your ads will stop showing after some time.

I hope this information helps all of you looking to write adverse keywords, if the above information doesn't help, join pay per click forums, get active and ask experts and I'm sure you'll write amazing keywords. Look for my next segment on how to exploit pay per click programs using the right keywords.

Design a Lucrative Blog or Site

This post is going to share with you the key points when trying to design a lucrative website or blog. First of all if you dont know what a website or blog is, start by looking up those two things on wikipedia. The first thing you must know when thinking about building a blog or site, is that there is no get rich quick secrets to blogging or designing a website. Both take a lot of time and effort to get going. Here are the steps to designing your Site:

  • Choose a topic you know a lot about or are very interested in, this is the most important step, if you are not interested in the topic you will not last very long and give up the site/blog very quickly, remember you dont have to know too much about the topic to write a lot about it, just make sure you are interested in the subject.
    • examples of this are, if you are interested in staying fit, you might design a site about healthy nutrition, or if you are interested in computers you might create something that has to do with computer maintenence etc.
  • Decide how your going to make the website. There are many programs that can assist you in building a website, and there are also web templates that you can find online (tip: your appearance of your page plays little importance, focus on the content, i cant stress this part enough if you decide to make an income with your website.) Another approach is to create the website from scratch by writing the html/php yourself, i will include basic tutorials on how to do so in later posts, for now focus on the content and topic. (note with blogs, there are several good looking templates, pre loaded into the site.)
    • My favorite web building software is by macromedia called Dreamweaver, i currently use Dreamweaver 8 to design websites, however i am not an expert at html or php quite yet.
    • Another user friendly software is called microsoft frontpage. Many of you probably already have this program installed without realizing it.
    • Note: Another way to design a website is to hire a freelancer, there are many sites where you can post a project and a freelancer will bid on projects you post, check these sites out :,
  • Try to create as much content as possible, the more content you have the easier it is for people to find your site, Later in this tutorial i will go over SEO's (Search Enguine Optimizations) and how to submit to search engines like google, this is essential to create traffic to your website. If you need a little boost on how to get good content there are many free articles that you can use, some of these sites only require you use the authors name and or link to their website.
    • remember more content=more traffic
    • Run out of content to provide? check out these sites for free articles:,
    • you may also submit your own articles to these websites and earn a little cash that way.
  • Once you have completed your website you need to find a good host, if your using a free blogging service, skip this step. There are specific things you want to look for when looking for a good host:
      • Bandwidth, how much bandwidth does the host offer per month? this is important, if you want to provide a website that has a lot of traffic per month, you need to have a higher bandwidth, also if your website is hosting large files for download or if your website has logins you will also need more bandwidth per month, typically sites offer 200gb-2000gb per month. Thus the more bandwidth the more the monthly cost with the host.
      • Disk Space: how much space the server allows you to take up. This is the second most important item about the host, the more gigabytes the host offers, the more content, videos, etc. you can host with the server. The better sites offer between 200-300gb however, there are many servers that provide terabytes of space or 1000gb, again the amount you pay is the amount your going to receive.
      • Learn what the host supports, if your site is going to be based on php, and your host doesnt include MySQL in the server, your going to be in trouble, make sure your site is compatible with the server. If your site is basic HTML its going to be compatible with almost every current host.
      • Compare the benefits the hosts offer, some hosts allow unlimited domains, some only allow up to 10, some hosts allow infinite email addresses with the server, some in the thousands, however use caution, when there may be a large advantage to one feature, it may take away how generous the other features of that host are.
    • Some of the best hosts out there: i currently use Bluehost, the reason being, it is only 6.95$ a month, the customer service i have recieved is unbeatable, they answer my questions within minutes:
    • Other hosts i recommend:
  • Now comes the key part of this tutorial, traffic to your new site. The Best tool to create web traffic is to submit your sites to directories, the number one directory being google, you MUST get your website into googles directory, even if you have poor keywords, google is an important tool to your websites success. Google is the number one search engine in the world right now. To submit your website to google, just click this link here and follow the directions provided. Other forms of traffic would be posting on forums and keeping your link in your signature, this is a very easy and free way to get traffic, this is how i get a lot of unique hits to this blog, by posting in forums. To find out how to write keywords that get clicks, go here and view my post on how to write keywords that sell. Other alternatives to getting traffic include link exchange sites, and one of my favorites PPC services or pay per click services. These services are also a very useful tool to getting traffic in high volumes, when you use a pay per click service, your paying a company to display a link to your website on other webmasters websites depending on what keywords you choose to describe your site, examples of this are google adsense, Miva and clicksor. On the other end of this you may also host these services on your site to make a percentage every time someone clicks the content targeted links on your website.
    • Remember the key to high traffic is to get a good placement into googles website directory.
    • Use forums and other posting sites as areas to place your links for free, try to post in forums that are relative to your site in order to attract the right crowd.
    • PPC services are a valuable way to produce high amounts of traffic.
  • After you complete these steps your probably wondering how you make money with the website. One of the easiest ways to make money with your new website is by using googles adsense tool. By placing content related links on your website, youll recieve some extra cash everytime your viewers click the links. Another way to make money is by joining affiliate programs and making a percentage of sales you provide specific companies. There are also directories that have many affiliate programs grouped together, check out or for these directories. There are many other ways to make money with your website, i will be posting more specific articles that focus directly on certain money making strategies.
    • google adsense is a key to making passive income from your websites
    • Affiliate programs are great for making extra cash.
  • Lets review here, the three most important aspects of your website are
      • Topic
      • Content
      • Traffic
  • Use google's directory for free website traffic, i cannot stress this enough.
  • Pick a host that most suits you.
  • Thanks for reading this tutorial, dont forget to subscribe to this blogs feed for updates on new tips! I will be writing more tutorials and articles that go further into specifics about web creation for a passive income.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Intention Manifestation

I have begun to read about a new idea, it is called intention manifestation, which lies along the lines of the law of attraction. However this is a different law of attraction, not the law of attraction in a science way, but a subconscious personal way. I am currently doing an experiment found on everyone that reads this should check out his site and take part in the one million dollar experiment. What intention manifestation is, is you acknowledging something you intend to receive, or do and focus on that for a little time of your day, if you believe in the system the universe will unfold in that direction for you. Read more about it on So far the intention manifestation towards 1 million dollars has shown some synchronicity. Usually it is noticeable to see synchronisms, or little clues of it within the first 48 hours. You don't necessarily have to take action, but it merely guides you to the actions without you consciously noticing.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Making Money online is not easy

when you come to try to make an extra income online, ask yourself whether or not you want to become big in the business, or just make an extra buck on the side. What many people think when going into this hobby, is that its easy, and that it takes a little amount of time to create large amounts of income. That is completely wrong, anything that sounds too good to be true IS, building a wealth from the internet is like building an investment portfolio, it takes time. Getting traffic, building sites with valuable content, and publishing those sites takes time to do. Always remember that websites are not favored for how pretty they are, but the value of the content is what drives traffic.

update: i have begun forum posting to make a few bucks on the side, i will see how this new found hobby suits me and further update from there.

currently i have applied to, seems like a pretty good forum posting company to apply to